What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which came in 2009 and as said is designed by Satoshi Nakamoto, starting price of the Bitcoin was $0.1 and due to lack of awareness in the internet world it didn’t came into picture instantly, after 3- 6 months, its rate went to $10-$50 and more traders then joined the network. Maximum price went was of $1000 per coin. With the success of bitcoin in the market several new coins came in the market and more and more people shows interest in the Bitcoin. Today bitcoin is the dominator of all cryptocurrencies in the market.

It’s a decentralized network and no government controls it, it’s nor printed like USD, Euros or Pounds in the reserve bank or central banks. Its ledger is maintained by every miner and it has total supply for 21 million, though 65% of Bitcoin is already mined in the global network. Several miners also had a unique opportunity to earn lot of money from this, so they put huge investment in Mining farms. Day by day its difficult gets increased as more the number of transactions, more mining and more block rewards.

Understand Bitcoin